History of Dog Treats (A True Story?)

Have you ever wondered about the ? These days we have recipe upon recipe for . There are whole bakeries devoted to serving our canine friends; entire books written so that we can make our own dog treats; and goodies that range from your basic biscuit to elaborate cakes. So how did all this come about? Here is a brief history of dog treats, as was told to us...

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"Many, many years ago, a store owner, seeking to expand his business, baked up a batch of biscuits using a new recipe he'd concocted. However, after tasting them he decided they tasted so bad he couldn't sell them to his customers. Instead, he tossed one to his dog who eagerly gobbled it up.

This innovative entrepreneur then decided to keep making these biscuits for dogs. They were a big success. Eventually his recipe was bought by another business man, and the biscuit was sold under the name Milk-Bone (sound familiar?). Eventually the company was bought by Nabisco."

I'm not sure how accurate the above story is... but regardless, our four-legged friends sure aren't complaining! If you have the time, consider making your pal a batch of - your dog will thank you!