Dog Boundary Training
Showing Your Dog the Limits

is a type of obedience training where you teach your dog the "limits" of where he can and cannot go. For instance, you may live in an area that does not permit a fenced yard. In this case boundary training your dog can teach him that he's to remain inside the confines of the yard - even when it's not fenced. This helps to keep your dog safe... once he knows the limits, he is less likely to run out into the road and possibly get hit by a car or get into other trouble. However, be aware that should never be considered 100% reliable (even if your dog acts like it is): you never know when something is going to prove to be too tempting for your dog.

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Dog Training Tips

  • Make use of . Be ready with morsels of tasty treats and plenty of praise. Dogs learn best when appropriate behavior is rewarded on a consistent basis.

  • Put your dog on a short leash and keep him close to your side, but with some slack in the leash. Walk around the boundaries of your yard. If your dog strays past the boundary, turn slightly back and firmly say, No! then guide your dog back into the yard. Praise him when he comes back in.

  • Repeat, repeat, repeat. Training takes time and patience and your dog needs time to understand what you're asking of him. Repeat the training a few times every day if you can (before and after a walk, when you're outside playing with the dog, before you begin your gardening chores, etc). And make sure you follow-up with lots of rewards and praise when your dog stays (or comes back into) the yard.

Ideally, of course, your dog would have a fenced yard to call his own. If that's not possible, there are still other options like erecting an outdoor dog run. Boundary training is a fine idea all on its own, but remember that even when your dog appears to reliable, there are always temptations that could make him stray - people, other dogs, cars, or wildlife are common temptations. It's best to watch over your dog and ideally, you would be outside with him whenever you can. Doing so will give you more peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe.