Dog Bladder Problems in Puppies and Adult Dogs

can occur at any age and for many reasons. In this article you will find tips on some of the more common reasons, however, if your dog has never had any housebreaking issues before (or if he demonstrates a change in his need to eliminate), you should consult your vet to determine whether there is an underlying medical condition that may require treatment.


Some puppies involuntarily urinate when they're excited. Others may urinate in submission when in the presence of a "dominant" animal.

is not normally required to correct this problem as most puppies will outgrow it in a calm, steady home. Try to figure out what causes your pup to pee, and then avoid the situation until he gains better control of his bladder (for example, if your pup urinates when you make a sudden movement towards him, then make sure you move more slowly when around him). Be patient and clean up the mess without making a big deal out of it.

Submissive Dogs, or Dogs Who Have Suffered Abuse

Perhaps you adopted a stray or a shelter dog and you don't have much information on his background. Some dogs have unfortunately suffered abuse and may urinate submissively in certain "trigger" situations. Again, clean up the mess without fuss and get on with your day.

In some cases, the dog will learn that he has no need to fear in his new & loving home, and will outgrow this . However, you should be prepared to accept that this behavior may not ever go away, although it may improve. Try to determine what triggers the behavior and minimize or avoid it.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is when urine involuntarily leaks from the bladder. This is more commonly seen in adult and older dogs. One of the most common signs is the leakage of a small amount of urine while the dog is sleeping or resting (dogs will often "lick themselves" in these situations). This is not a housetraining or behavior issue and the dog should not be punished for it.

A visit to the vet is in order. Your vet can check to make sure that there aren't any serious conditions causing the incontinence. Treatment is available to help control the condition.

Old Dog Health Problems

Many changes occur in our dogs as they age. If your senior dog begins to soil the house, shows any other change in housebreaking, or shows a change in his need to urinate or eliminate, please take him to the vet for consultation. Your vet will help you to assess whether the bladder problems are simply part of the normal aging process or whether there may be a medical condition like . Again, these are not behavior problems but rather medical conditions.