Combat Canine Obesity with Fat Free Dog Treats

What dog doesn't love a treat? However, just as with people, too many treats can mean too many calories... and that leads to obesity in our canine friends. are a tasty way to help keep the calories down while still offering our dogs a "little something" as a reward (or as a "just because" snack). Probably one of the better known of these treats are the K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats. Or, if you're creative in the kitchen, you can try concocting your own homemade dog treat recipe.

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Why Fat Free?

It isn't always easy to maintain a healthy weight, whether we're talking about ourselves or talking about our pets. Our dogs need a nutritious & balanced diet and lots of exercise, just as we do.

However, it can be difficult to fit in enough exercise when you have a busy schedule... and who isn't guilty of slipping the dog a little extra treat? When our dogs take in more calories than they expend during the day, they gain weight.

Obesity in our dogs can cause many secondary health problems. These include excess , , , and even canine diabetes.

That isn't to say we have to completely deprive them of treats! Fat free dog treats are a good option for helping to control the amount of calories your dog takes in every day so that he can maintain a healthy weight.

Of course, always watch how many treats you feed your dog... "fat free" doesn't mean "calorie free", and feeding too many will still cause your pet to pack on the pounds. Adjusting the amount fed in a meal to compensate for the treats will help to keep your pet at a healthy weight so that he can live a long, active, happy life.